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Metroplex Leak and Line Locators

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For over 30 years, Metroplex Leak and Line Locators has served as the local experts for leak detection and repair. Our second-to-none locating services and attuned diagnostics enable us to deliver honest estimates for honest work. When we provide an estimate for a plumbing job, you can trust that we based our number on an actual conception of the work at hand. Too many plumbers practice guesswork when it comes to your repairs. At Metroplex Leak and Line Locators, we work under the assurance of our systems and skills.

Our Goal

We seek to offer an unparalleled quality of service for our customers. We also strive to act as the most versatile and exacting plumbing experts in Mesquite, TX and the Dallas area. Because of our high standards, we regularly get entrusted with work from insurance companies and engineering firms. When the quality of the work truly matters, Metroplex Leak and Line Locators serve as your go-to source.

No one considers plumbing problems as an enjoyable issue to deal with. The next time you experience a clogged pipe, leaky drain, or issues with your main line or sewer line, let us take the stress off your plate. All you need to do is call Metroplex Leak and Line Locators at 214-388-4525, and we’ll handle all the rest. Once you’ve experienced everything we have to offer, you will never take your plumbing business elsewhere.

Metroplex Leak and Line Locators Services

As specialists in leak and line location, we offer an array of related services to keep your plumbing system in good shape.

Leak Detection and Repair

Metroplex Leak and Line Locators

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The worst kind of leak is the one you can’t find. You’ve noticed water damage or mold, yet have no clear idea of the location of the faulty pipe. You may also detect a distinct sewage smell in your yard — a clear indicator of problems beneath the surface. Since we specialize in leak detection, we can quickly and accurately diagnose the source of your problem. We work with main lines, sewage lines, and all water lines, and enact expert repair services once we’ve identified the problem.

As for testing, we’re proud to offer both pressure testing and static line testing. The first of these can identify leaks in your water lines, or determine the viability of your gas lines. If you’ve noticed a slow uptick in your monthly water bill, call Metroplex Leak and Line Locators to help find the problem. With static testing, we can locate subsurface leaks practically anywhere. We use a combination of electronic line locating equipment, video equipment, and listening devices to find the root of plumbing issues. Once identified, we offer general plumbing services to fix any leak or problem, anywhere in Mesquite, TX or the Dallas area.

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If you’d like to learn more about our range of services, or schedule a consultation, call us anytime at 214-388-4525. When it comes to plumbing problems, Metroplex Leak and Line Locators serve as the experts for any issue.