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Trust us with any of your plumbing-related needs!

At Metroplex Leak and Line Locators, we act as Celina, TX’s premier plumbing services outfit. We’ve nurtured standing as leaders for leak detection and repair throughout the course of three decades. Metroplex Leak and Line Locators provides multifaceted service that will lead you to never again hazard your home with other plumbers.

Thanks to stellar work and dedication, we’ve grown a stature as one of the finest plumbers in the state. As for our secret? It’s the civility and consideration with which we behave towards our customers. We do not provide inflated estimates, and will try to work in partnership alongside our customers.

Expert Leak Detection and Repair

If a high water statement or spinning meter has caused you to expect a leak, we provide complete testing to identify the area of the issue. We can locate the trouble and fix it quickly, regardless of if you have a faulty sprinkler valve, main line pipe, or sewage pipe. As part of our repair offerings and leak location, we include:

Plumbing Services

Everyday plumbing work are included in our offerings. Our plumbing camera investigation can easily pinpoint any plumbing-related issues. In the circumstance of planting a garden or construction, our line detection services can guarantee your peace of mind.

  • Plumbing Camera Inspection The plumbing cameras can unveil issues where ever they might prevail in your home.
  • Plumbing Repairs Our experience and proficiency can help all variety of plumbing fixes.
  • Line Detection Telephone us before you break ground! Our line detection service can locate any underground utilities.

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We serve as your local resource for any plumbing issue in Celina, TX. To set a time for an appointment with a highly trained, completely certified technicians, telephone us today at 214-388-4525.