Four Signs You Have A Sewer Line Problem

The sudden appearance of pests can indicate a sewage leak on your property.

Since all of your home’s drains connect to the sewer, a problem with this pipe can have serious ramifications. Unfortunately, since the sewer is typically buried several feet below the surface, most people have no idea of a sewer line problem until it’s too late. After all, once you’ve got sewage backed up in your tub, you’ve got a serious issue. To take care of a sewer line problem before they get this extreme, pay attention to these four warning signs.

Running Water

The consistent trickle of running water throughout your house can indicate a sewer line leak. If you feel suspicious, make sure that all your home’s taps are closed. If you still hear the water, call a plumber.

Unpleasant Odors

A damaged sewer pipe can create multiple opportunities for foul odors. A sewage smell around your yard or house could indicate a leak. The smell of mold or mildew can also indicate problems, as a leaky sewer creates the ideal bacterial setting to encourage this growth.

Foundation Cracks

As water pools around the leaks in a sewer line, it can unsettle the ground. As the ground shifts, your foundation will crack. Some foundation cracking is natural, but pay attention to excessive cracking within a limited amount of time.

Unusual Yard Patches

As sewage leaks into your yard, it can act as fertilizer on your grass. The grass thus served will appear much more green and vibrant — if a little foul smelling — than surrounding areas. You may also notice more insects or rats around your home, as they become attracted to the leaking sewage.

You don’t want to mess around with sewer line problems. If you’ve noticed one or more of these signs, act fast: call Metroplex Leak and Line Locators at 214-388-4525. For sewer line issues in Mesquite, TX and the Dallas area, we are your local experts.