Foundation Leak Detection and Repair in Mesquite, TX

foundation leak repair

At Metroplex Leak and Line Locators, we repair foundation damage at the source.

Leaks that appear in your foundation can cause serious problems if left unchecked. If you see the need for foundation leak repair, call the experts at Metroplex Leak and Line Locators at 214-388-4525. A solid foundation provides the anchor for your entire house.

As the foundation becomes compromised, you can expect water seepage into your home. As more water leaks into the foundation, cracks will widen and the entire structure will become unstable. A compromised foundation can also drastically lower a home’s value. If you need foundation leak repair in Mesquite, TX or the Dallas area, set up a consultation with Metroplex Leak and Line Locators. 

Time for Foundation Leak Repair

cracked wall from foundation

Cracks in your walls can indicate foundation issues.

The signs of a foundation leak are fairly obvious, and worsen dramatically as the leak spreads. If you notice any of the following, schedule service to prevent more serious damage.

  • Cracks or Crumbling Areas: Responsible homeowners make a habit of inspecting their homes on a regular basis. Foundations get built to last, so any sign of damage should inspire your concern. Water acts as a corrosive agent, and can seep under the foundation and cause cracks. If you notice any hairline fractures, cracks, ruptures, or flaking of the concrete, then you’ve got a problem.
  • Soil Shifting: As the ground moves around your home, it can place undue stress on the foundation. As soil becomes wet and dries, it expands and contracts. Poor water drainage can cause this to happen to the soil around your foundation. If you notice unnaturally wet patches or pools of water around the foundation of your home, then you likely have issues that need repair.
  • Warped Ceilings and Sagging Floors: These problems show that foundation issues have already begun to take a toll on the home. If you get foundation repair immediately, the problems may naturally correct themselves.
  • Cracked Walls: The same logic applies to your walls. If a walk around your house reveals a multitude of cracks in the walls and corners, then your compromised foundation has already begun to cause you problems.
  • Improperly Fitted Windows and Doors: If your doors and windows no longer shut properly, you can place the blame on foundation shifting. While some shifts are natural, repeated or extreme shifts suggest that you need foundation repairs.

Schedule Service Today

Practically all severe foundation-related issues come from foundation leaks. Simple foundation repair will only correct the problem temporarily. For a permanent solution, you need to address the leaks and stop water from entering your home. If you need foundation leak repair in Mesquite, TX or the Dallas area, call Metroplex Leak and Line Locators today at 214-388-4525.