Line Pressure Test in Mesquite, TX

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Gas provides many valuable functions around the home.

A line pressure test can seem like an undue hassle. After all, you’ve got to schedule and pay for the test, and take time out of your day, when you know that your gas line works. As a safety concern, however, you should never trust gas lines that have not gotten a pressure test. If you noticed a red tag on your gas meter, or if you recently had an interruption of service, then you need a pressure test.

Only licensed plumbers such as those found at Metroplex Leak and Line Locators can perform a line pressure test. If you find yourself in need of a pressure test in Mesquite, TX or the Dallas area, then you’ll want it done quickly. Contact Metroplex Leak and Line Locators at 214-388-4525 for fast and reliable line pressure tests.

Why You Need a Gas Line Pressure Test

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Only certified plumbers can pressure test your gas line.

Put quite simply, you need a gas line pressure test to keep your family safe. These tests determine whether you have leaks anywhere in your line. They also determine whether a flaw in the gas line prevents it from the safe handling of gas. Though natural gas presents a safe, clean-burning alternative for your home’s energy needs, it can represent a safety hazard if not adequately contained in your lines.

Gas leaks can actually occur at any point of your line, even at the valve that connects the line to your gas meter. Because of this, you cannot simply rely upon your nose to detect a leak. The telltale “stink” of natural gas comes from the addition of mercaptan, a sulfur chemical. Mercaptan has the characteristic rotten egg smell of sulfur, and rises along with natural gas to alert your nose to danger. If you ever notice this smell around your house, it serves as an indicator to call a plumbing professional immediately. A line pressure test can help determine the presence of leaks, and thus guarantee your family’s safety.

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Regardless of whether the gas company necessitated your line pressure test, or if you simply appreciate the peace of mind of getting it done, call 214-388-4525 to trust Metroplex Leak and Line Locators with the service. We perform line pressure tests in Mesquite, TX and the Dallas area, and have the knowledge and expertise to keep you safe.