Static Plumbing Line Tests in Mesquite, TX

Static line testing

Static Line Testing Detects Leaks From the Inside-Out.

When you consider the expensive nature of water leaks and repairs, preventative maintenance starts to seem like a great idea for your plumbing system. You can avoid practically all plumbing and sewer-related problems with just a few regular instances of preventative action. An important example, hydrostatic testing, helps ensure the viability of your sewer line.

Leaks often persist for weeks or months before their detection. When you finally discover their presence, it’s usually thanks to some catastrophic piece of damage. At Metroplex Leak and Line Locators, we’ve made it our business to detect leaks before they wreak havoc.  If you suspect a leak, or simply want to check up on your plumbing or sewer in Mesquite, TX or Dallas, contact us today at 214-388-4525.

Hydrostatic Testing for Your Sewer

Hydrostatic testing provides invaluable information about your home plumbing system. Specifically, hydrostatic testing can help reveal whether or not you have a leak in your sewer line. Sewer line leaks can cause extensive damage to your yard and home. Worst of all, to repair a serious leak often necessitates a large, unsightly trench in your yard. Hydrostatic testing can grant you peace of mind that your sewer system remains in tip-top shape. In the event that the test detects a leak, you can get to it before significant damage occurs.

How It Works

Pipe for hydrostatic testing

An inflatable ball gets inserted into the pipe via your sewer cleanout.

For a hydrostatic test, an inflatable ball gets placed directly into your home’s sewer cleanout. The ball then gets inflated to block the line, which gets filled with water up to the level of your slab.A technician pays careful attention to the water level for a set period of time. If the level falls, or if it never even rises to slab level, then you have a leak in your main sewer line. From there, it becomes a matter of repair, as you do not want a sewer line leak to persist uncorrected.

If you live in Mesquite, TX or the Dallas area and want this valuable test performed on your home, contact Metroplex Leak and Line Locators at 214-388-4525. As the Metroplex’s expert leak locating service, we’ve developed unparalleled expertise with static line testing. Want reliable results? Call us today.