Water Line Leak Detection and Repair

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Pay attention to the symptoms of a water leak to avoid an emergency.

Water lines form a network throughout your home. These all-important components of plumbing connect your various fixtures and faucets to the main water line. Leaks can occur anywhere along these various lengths, and will create lingering problems for your home. Since the symptoms of a water leak can appear separate from its cause, water leak detection becomes a key component of the repair process.

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Signs You Need Water Leak Detection

A few telltale signs can tip off the homeowner to a water leak. If you notice any of these around your home, schedule professional service today.

Mold and Mildew: Mold and mildew only grow under the right conditions. If one or another suddenly springs up around your house, you almost certainly have a water leak. Water leaks, especially in contained spaces, generate the humidity that mold and mildew need to thrive.

Increased Bill: Your water bill will naturally fluctuate from month to month. An unexplained spike means that something has gone amiss, however. At the same time, a continuously ticking water meter can indicate wasted water from a leak. If you turn off all taps and the meter still ticks, then you need water leak detection.

Cracks in the Foundation: Foundation cracks will naturally appear as a home settles. If you notice an excess of cracks that form suddenly, it can indicate a water leak. One of the most costly dangers of a water leak, foundation cracks should prompt a quick response.

Wet Spots: If you think you need water leak detection, a simple visual inspection around your tubs and sinks can narrow down the problem. Look for any signs of water or discolored areas, either of which can indicate a nearby leak.

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