Plumbing Has Gone Technical

A not-so-new tool is revolutionizing the plumbing industry in ways that we never thought possible. Today’s plumbers can use small cameras to pinpoint, and then help repair or replace the pipe with little to no trenching.

Cameras and Pipe Splitters


Almost like something out of a movie, your modern plumber can run a camera through your pipe to locate the damaged area and then use a series of pipe splitters and pushrods to actually repair or replace the pipe without digging a trench.

The Process

Plumbers use small sewer cameras that are attached to a pushrod and cable reel to search through your pipe system for the damage. Once the damage is located, the plumber can pinpoint it either with information sent from the camera to an awaiting computer or by using the picture itself as a map to the area. Once the problem spot is found and a plan of action is created, your plumber will run a pipe splitter or pipe burster down your current pipe. This tool will split or burst your current pipe, making room for a new pipe or a special lining that is used for pipe repair and reseal. Then, then the pipe is tested, and the job is finished with no digging or trenching required.

Gone are the days of needing a landscaper after an outdoor plumbing project. With today’s new incredible advances in technology, the pros at Metroplex Leak & Line Locators can repair your plumbing quickly, and in most cases, mess free.