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Plumbing Maintenance

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As a homeowner, you know how important maintenance is to your home, for everything from your roofing to your carpets. This, of course, includes your plumbing, which functions best with regular and proper maintenance activities. We use our plumbing appliances everyday, which can allow them to get dirty and show a lot of wear and tear if left unkempt. Below we will describe some great maintenance techniques to implement in daily, weekly, and by season.


Daily Plumbing Maintenance

These list items are fairly easy, and can be done in tandem with your typical daily chores! Keeping up with these will make keeping your bathroom and kitchen nice and clean easily.

For Both Kitchen & Bathroom

  • When using your faucets, keep an eye out for signs of damage and leaks
  • When getting things from cabinets underneath your sinks, glance at your pipes for signs of corrosion or leaks
  • If you notice poor water pressure or clogs when using your sinks, make note to call a plumber

Bathroom Dailies

  • Wipe down glass shower walls after use to avoid hard water stains
  • Invest in a hair catcher for your drain, and empty it after each use

Kitchen Dailies

  • Only run the dishwasher at night, so it doesn’t affect your water pressure when you need it
  • After use, run your garbage disposal with warm water and mild dish soap to prevent odors


Weekly Plumbing Maintenance

Weekly plumbing maintenance is equally fast, and can be done in a span of ten minutes or less!

  • Check for rust in your water
  • Wait for full loads of clothes before running your washer
  • Do a quick walk around of the house to look for signs of water damage on walls and floors
  • Clean your shower head with vinegar to prevent hard water buildup
  • Inspect the toilets for signs of leaks


Seasonal Plumbing Maintenance

By keeping up with your seasonal maintenance tasks, you can avoid major damages, and spot trouble area long before an emergency.

  • Inspect your outdoor hoses
  • check for changes in your water bill, specifically, increases
  • Test your outdoor hoses and valves
  • Examine your water heater for signs of rust
  • In Winter, make sure your faucets are able to drip before freezes, and that outside pipes are insulated
  • In Spring, make sure that your vents are clear of debris
  • Make sure that your main water valve is in working order at each season

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