Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

Hidden Water Leak

The Presence of Mold Provides a Clear Indication of a Hidden Water Leak.

Most water leaks are, thankfully, easy to detect. A homeowner may actually see the leak itself, or observe signs such as a puddle or water stain. Unfortunately, the location of most plumbing permits the occurrence of hidden leaks. These insidious problems can cause extensive damage unless detected early. Pay attention for the following signs of a hidden water leak, and call for immediate service if you suspect trouble.

Bad Smells

The smell of mildew or rotting wood provides a clear warning sign of a hidden water leak. The dampness of a water leak can encourage mildew and mold to grow practically anywhere. If it remains behind the wall, its smell becomes the only indicator of its presence. The smell of rot signifies the actual deterioration of your home, so do not delay the necessary repairs.

Pest Infestation

Certain insects love the presence of water, and will migrate to your home in the event of a leak. If you suddenly have roaches in your kitchen, or silverfish in your bathroom, you may have a hidden leak. This becomes even more likely if you have never suffered from these insects in the past.

Odd Noises

If you ever hear the sound of running water when all your taps remain closed, you probably have a water leak. Faucets can also make unusual noises when you turn them on, thanks to the presence of air in your plumbing.

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