These Signs Could Mean An Irrigation Leak


Home Sprinkler System

Unless your lawn’s irrigation system is spewing large amounts of water, it can be hard to tell when it’s not working properly. An unresolved irrigation leak can lead to extensive lawn and water line damage. These signs can be clues that there may be an underlying issue with your irrigation system that needs to be repaired.


Clogged or Broken Sprinkler Head

When a sprinkler head is clogged the water spray pattern is interrupted. This makes it easy to decipher exactly where the head is clogged. Simply remove the sprinkler head and clean it thoroughly to remove the clog. If the sprinkler head is spraying a nonuniformed large amount of water it may be broken. An irrigation professional can replace broken sprinkler heads easily.


Main or Lateral Line Breaks

Another important irrigation leak to look for a line break. A clear sign of a line break is discoloration of the grass that follows a distinct line pattern. The grass may be greener or browner than the grass around it, depending on the water flow to the area. Once the general area of the leak is located, an irrigation specialist can repair or replace the leaky line.


Valve Box Leaks

This may be the easiest leak to spot because the valve box itself will usually fill with water if the system is running. To check for valve box leaks when the system is off, look for rust and corrosion on the electrical connections within the box. If there are signs of water damage, an irrigation repair expert should be notified.


Keeping your lawn’s irrigation system in top condition can not only lead to greener, more luscious grass but can save you money. For annual inspection and repair of your irrigation system in Mesquite, TX, call Metroplex Leak & Line Locators at 214-388-4525.